Strategic Plans

One vision, one plan. Finding the direction for the whole business – one that will allow all stakeholders to be on the same road – needs people who can work creatively with all stakeholders, have a keen interest in understanding the business from the inside-out, and can articulate the wants and needs of those stakeholders into one vision.

Working with not-for-profits to help articulate that vision and the develop the subsequent strategies is a service we pride ourselves on.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging the right people at the right time not only allows a not-for-profit or sport to implement their strategic plan, but takes an organisation from good to great. Different groups of stakeholders generally have different motivations for being involved. What are those motivations? How can you find common ground and channel that motivation into the broader strategic direction?

It is not a case of ‘one plan fits all’; it’s about listening to your people and developing a tailored engagement plan that aligns to your strategic plan.  We understand, and we can help.

Project Planning

Making the strategic plan a reality, while bringing your stakeholders along for the journey, needs an overarching project plan.

And what about those special projects that are outside of core business but require special attention? How can you ensure those are delivered outside of the scope of day-to-day operations? Having experienced people who can develop a comprehensive project plan that will look at all areas of a project is important. We bring extensive project management experience to the table for both short and long term projects – we’ll partner with you to keep your next project on track.