Media Management

Pitching the right story, to the right outlet, at the right time requires a strong understanding of the media landscape. It is also about finding the story behind the story that will cut through noise and get maximise exposure.

Media management at events, for campaigns, and or to build brand awareness – we have the experience to manage domestic and international campaigns to maximise limited budgets for maximum return.

Crisis Communications

The difference between an issue and a crisis is time. Our team has the real life experience and tools to help businesses and sports put in place communications plans that allow an organisation to best prepare for a potential issue.

Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable in today’s world. Social media provides a way to research and connect with influencers, allows fans to connect with a brand like never before, and most of all: it’s free to connect. We have successfully developed brands’ social media presences from limited followers to making social media the core of the organisation’s communications mix.

Media Training

You often only get once chance to get your message out, so you need to make it count. We offer media training that fully prepares spokespeople, ambassadors, and businesses to maximises all media appearances.