Developing Participation Programs & Strategy

More people playing sport more often – it’s a priority for sporting codes right around the country. Developing a participation program that attracts more people to the sport and breaks down the barriers to participation requires a solid understanding of the sporting landscape along with the ability to think outside the square.

Our track record in developing participation programs across numerous sports proves we can deliver stronger increased membership along with greater participation in targeted demographics of the sport.


Working within the sporting structure, we understand that to be able to succeed in the business of sport you need to have the right leadership structure in place. Breaking down traditional models, embracing news ways of thinking and having a clearly articulated strategic plan that all levels of the sport can work towards… this all requires a different way of thinking.

Having worked within national and state sporting organisations, we know the challenges that governance changes can bring about – but we also know how important it is for all sports. Stakeholders matter and we can help facilitate governance reforms to create a win-win for everyone.

Funding Grants

The pitch for Government funding has distinct differences to a business pitch. We have a strong success rate in obtaining these grants whether it be for events, commercial ventures, organisational programs, IT or other areas. We can help you tap into these alternative revenue streams.