“One of Beyond the Break Consulting’s greatest strengths is working with multiple  stakeholders to ensure content is developed appropriately across social media. This was  demonstrated through their work on the 2018 Winter Olympics/Paralympics where they  worked with relevant stakeholders including Australian Olympic Committee, Australian  Paralympic Committee, NSWIS and sponsors to maximise the content already developed  and work in with the content they have developed for all our social channels.”

Michael Kennedy

CEO, Ski and Snowboard Australia

“Beyond the Break Consulting have been responsible for developing a content strategy for  the NSW Waratahs and NSW Rugby Union. BTB always demonstrate an ability to be able  to think strategically on what content best services the purpose of the the organisation while  at the same time having a focus on how the content will ensure maximum reach. We have  a diverse and active social media audience and they were able to tap into our audiences’ needs and help develop the content plan to meet the needs of those groups which has seen  a positive growth in engagement.”

Sally Fitzsimmons

Marketing and Communications GM, NSW Waratahs

“BTB are providing Water Polo Australia with a platform for generational change in the organisation. Their relationships with national media outlets and ability to pitch in the right story at the right time has seen the media exposure of our athletes increase significantly. This combined with their understanding of how to leverage social media ensures that they can offer the full package in Media and Communications to an organisation. BTB proved invaluable in managing the media for a crisis that attracted both national and international media coverage, their ability to manage the media and ensure the media had what they needed and at the same time be respectful of the Water Polo community and water polo members was outstanding.”

Chris Harrison

Former CEO, Water Polo Australia

“Beyond the Break Consulting have a wealth of major events experience in both sport  delivery and communications. This combined experience puts them in a unique position to  be able to communicate a messages while understanding the major event context they are  working within.”

Greg Nance

Head of Sport, Gold Coast Commonwealth Games

“Grant and Lauren have the ability to look at a challenge and turn it into an opportunity through on the ground experience and relationships. Grant’s ability to forge productive relationships with Government officials at all levels and across all sectors is second to none. Lauren’ s communication skills and her “can do attitude” skills combine well with Grant’s management strengths to form a very strong team.”

Paul Biancardi

Former Chairman Equestrian Australia, Former Chair PWC

“All three of Grant’s presentations – Member Recruitment & Retention, Networking, Communications – were engaging, relevant and useful for our membership. I’m sure they found it particularly useful as he tried to relate some examples with a Surf Life Saving context while also explaining personal experiences. He built a good rapport with his audience and was very accommodating to answer any further questions. He catered to different learning styles by including some very relevant videos and spoke clearly and eloquently to ensure engagement and understanding from all members of the audience.”

Caitlin Millauro

Academy Education Officer, SLSNSW