Sponsorship Management

Ability to secure a sponsorship is just the start. From the moment a sponsor is signed up, it is not just about managing expectations, it is about exceeding those expectations. Doing so requires building a partnership that creates true return on investment and leverages both yours and your sponsor’s assets.  

We have a proven success rate in not only acquiring new sponsorships, but renewing sponsorships and turning them into long-standing partnerships.

Sponsorship Leveraging

How do we create a true win-win? Sponsors and rights holders have more than just what is in the contract to offer each other, and tapping into that potential is a key passion of ours. We work alongside you to develop the plans required to create meaningful associations that engage members, fans, television and online audiences –  a skill that requires strong planning and solid understanding of asset management.

Diversifying Revenue Streams

Looking at a business holistically to find the right approach to generating revenue can be a challenge. Whether it’s monetising digital assets, expanding sponsorship portfolios, establishing new fundraising strategies or licensing agreements, we have the ability to identify opportunities to create new revenue streams for sports and not-for-profits alike.